The Queen of Granfondo: 26rd of September 2021 in Cesenatico


The Nove Colli is a cycling granfondo that takes place in Romagna, with departure and arrival in Cesenatico, where we are located. It is one of the most prestigious events of its kind, among the oldest (since 1971) and the most famous in Italy (the maximum number of participants is set at around 12,000 cyclists).

The route, which involves the climbing of nine hills with a maximum gradient of 18% on the legendary Barbotto, is punctuated by a precious signage also for training and rides throughout the year. 210 km, with an elevation of 3840 m. An alternative route of 130 km is also available, with four hills to climb.

As always, there will be nine rest stops along the route, where participants can refresh themselves with traditional products, including fresh pasta and local foods. We will also be there with our refreshment point, reserved for our guests.

Nove Colli is a super-popular Granfondo and we are one of their main supporters, official partners and enthusiastic fans. We can also manage the registration for you if you wish (keep in mind that in 10 minutes the 10,000 free registrations run out, but we can register until the end of March, being their partner).

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  • Lenght: 205 Km
  • Elevation: 3840 m
  • Max Height: 791 m
  • Max Gradient: 18%
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