with a Bike Hotel you will feel much more a traveler than a tourist

Maybe you are thinking why you should choose a Bike Hotel like us versus of one of the large Cycling Tour Operators out there.

Why prefer a Bike Hotel instead of a Tour Operator?

What sets us apart is that we are all Italians, the owners and all tour leaders. No one knows our territory and the Italian lifestyle like us. During the tours, we will take you to the places that are important to us and we will let you meet our friends during the rides. We will stop for coffee where we usually take it. And we'll take you to eat where we take our families. Furthermore, a Bike Hotel has a different approach than a Tour Operator.


We believe that the most important reason of all is that through a Bike Hotel you can get in touch with the essence of a territory in a much deeper way. Only thanks to a Bike Hotel you can ride on the best roads, those preferred by local cyclists. Only with a Bike Hotel you can meet and meet local residents and typical places. In short, with a Bike Hotel you will feel much more a traveler than a tourist.

1. With a Tour Operator, a 8 Day Tour Doesn’t Necessarily Mean 8 days on your Bike

It is not unusual for a company to offer an 8-day tour where the first day is simply a “get acquainted” dinner, and the second day is a shuttle bus ride to the starting point and a warm-up ride. You don’t start the real riding until the third day. Then, the final day is breakfast at the hotel and goodbye hugs all around. Yep, that means only five days of true bike touring.


At Lungomare Bike Hotel we ride everyday. We want you to ride most of the time. After all, you traveled here to explore Italy by bike and to connect yourself with nature and local culture. That's why you have to go out with your bike.


2. It's very difficult for Tour Operators to address different riders

Their Definition of “Difficult” May Be Very Different Than Yours. Most tour companies say that they have optional, longer routes that you can tack on, but if everyone else on the trip is doing the shorter option, that may not be as much fun. If you are a strong rider and you end up on a tour with beginners, you’ll miss out on that wonderful satisfaction experienced after a day of challenging riding with your fellow travelers.


At Lungomare Bike Hotel we don't have such problems at all. We have up to 5 different riding levels to address every rider type, from beginners to avid cyclists. And this happen everyday. This means you will never lose a bike ride because the group is too slow (or too fast).


3. All Inclusive Tour Operators are not really "All inclusive"

“Everything Included” Doesn’t Include Everything. You won’t be paying for lodging and most breakfasts and dinners, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your ATM and credit cards. Very few groups include the cost of wine and drinks in the price of the trip. Also, lunches are seldom included, although some groups will provide one or two picnic or group lunches through the week. If you are planning on drinking the good stuff or enjoying lunches at nice restaurants, you’ll need to budget for this. In addition, get ready to pay about 5% extra for tipping the guides at the end. This can be avoided by traveling with smaller groups where the owners are the leaders.


At Lungomare Bike Hotel we have designed an All Inclusive package, where everything is included: all meals, excursions, non-cyclists activities, laundry and many other services. And you don't need to tip our guides (unless you want to!).


4. Tour Operators are very expensive

They advertise a lot and they have fancy brochures. They pick only luxury hotels and stunning accommodations to impress you. But you won't grab the real essence of Italy. You won't connect with residents and the culture. You don't need luxury hotels or brochures to immerse yourself in the local italian lifestyle.


That's what we do everyday at Lungomare Bike Hotel. We share our home, our roads and our favorite places with cyclists who love to truly connect and travel. We think that the best way to experience a new place is with the natives: people who not only know the culture, but are the culture.


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