Guides play a fundamental role in a cycling holiday.

Ready to meet your needs

They have to assist you with your bike. Be patient, professional and reliable. They have to anticipate potential problems and always keep calm. But also, they have to be fun and entertainment.

Over the years, we have seen our guides occupy a special place in every traveler’s heart.

Once a guest experiences one of our guides, they often come back and request the same guide that led their prior trip.

All our guides are Italians and know all the roads, itineraries and backroads of our cycling area like the backs of their hands. They have many years of riding and are guides at least for 5 years. They are also multilingual and able to communicate with cyclists from all over the world.

Most of all, they love to build relationships and to share their homeland, where they have born and raised.

We think the best way to experience a new place is only with native guides: they don’t just know the culture, they are representatives of the local culture. This is why our cycling holidays are so special: we want you to immerse yourself completely in the local culture, in the true essence of Italian lifestyle.


These are the characteristics of our guides:

Able to manage groups of cyclists with different levels of training

  • Experienced cyclists with a deep knowledge of routes, terrains, climbs and descents of our cycling area (over 100 tours!)
  • They are enthusiastic in pinpointing the tour that best suits your interests and training conditions
  • They speak english, german and french
  • They love to challenge you to reach the most beautiful points of interest
  • They always drive the group in safety, preferring quiet backroads
  • They know all the best local bars, cafes and fountains for a good stop
  • They can resolve technical problems with your bike and assist in a rare case of injury  or fall.
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