So many tours and climbs to ride, from hard climbs to beautiful and sweet hills. A lot of different villages, food tasting anche much more. Discover now why Cesenatico is perfect for leisure cycling as well for training.

Why Cesenatico is perfect for leisure cycling

Cesenatico and Romagna, the area in which Cesenatico is located, are not so well-known to riders as Tuscany or Dolomites. And that is a shame.

Romagna landscapes are very similar to Tuscany, with its beautiful farmlands full of lavenders, brooms, vineyards and olive trees, and dotted with medieval villages and fortresses on top of rocky spurs that rise on the badlands of the plain.


The uniqueness of Romagna is also reflected in the continuous change of landscapes, ranging from the placid sea to the vast plain, interrupted by rolling hills that gradually transform into scenic mountains.


Specifically, Cesenatico area is a little to gem:

  • a small fishing village that boasts a valuable port-canal built in 1500 from an original project by Leonardo da Vinci
  • the Ancient Pescheria, a small, Liberty-style and lively fish market in the heart of Cesenatico, still used today to sell fish
  • Marco Pantani Museum, in memory of the best climber in cycling history
  • The Sea, just in front of our hotel, with its wide and sandy beaches
  • Plenty of medieval castles, fortresses and cultural points of interest nearby (Rimini, Cesena, Ravenna, Bologna)


Cycling through this fascinating region under your own power with be a fantastic journey into the Italian countryside, villages and culture.


Why Cesenatico is perfect for training

First of all, for the location.


The position is fantastic for practicing any kind of training: here we have hard climbs to test your performance but also flat roads with ideal conditions for training: long straight roads without traffic, in wind-free climatic conditions. Not so easy to find in many many other cycling destinations.


As a consequence you can do the work you need for you pre-season training. And don't worry, all Lungomare bike Guides will help you identify the right training you need.


If you think about it, in comparison to other cycling destinations Cesenatico has this unique and specific characteristics:

  •  Dolomites are so wonderful, but there is NOT a flat road to train. So you have to be very well trained, or you holiday will be a nightmare
  •  Tuscany landscapes are so beautiful, but climbs are small and short: not enough for a good training
  •  Majorca has perfect roads and ideal weather conditions BUT you have just one road to ride: every day the same ride! Siamo sicuri? Non vorrei dicessimo una castronata...
  •  Tenerife is another beautiful cycling destination BUT have very very few flat roads


And remember: here at the Lungomare Bike Hotel every day we have 5 different riding groups to address varying needs and abilities of the riders. So you can easily find your group according to your conditions.


So that's why Cesenatico is perfect for training. It has everything you need: hard climbs, flat roads (also wind-free), a lot of variety of rides, fantastic food & wine and a great hospitality.


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