In oltre 40 anni, abbiamo aiutato più di 10.000 persone da tutto il mondo
a vivere la loro vita al massimo, attraverso i nostri tour in bicicletta.

Our Philosophy: That's Amore

Do you remember the That's Amore Song by Dean Martin? 

'When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.. That's amore!..'
In this 1953 hit song there is the light heartedness, happiness and romance of the Italian lifestyle.

Dean Martin mixed Italian and Italian-American words into a parody of typical Italian song about falling in love in Italy. (The song has more than 60 years, but we still all love to sing it out loud!)

And with this idea of enjoying simple things and joy of life that we have built our Cycling Holidays Business in Cesenatico, Italy.

We love to host cyclists from around the world, bringing them to discover our landscapes, to taste traditional food & wine and sampling the sweet Dolce Vita Lifestyle.

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