Memorial and Granfondo Marco Pantani: 19th September 2021 - Cesenatico

As you know, we are particularly linked to Marco. Not only because we are directly friends of the Pantani family, but because it was one of us: simple and generous, cheerful and bike enthusiast!


Marco climbed the hardest climbs as only he could do, opening his fans' hearts. Maybe it was due to his gaze: eyes of a champion with a fragile soul. So everyone became fond of him, everyone supported Pantani: children with the wheels on the bike, adults and grandparents who loved Coppi and Bartali.


Here is what our Pantani Week consists of:


➡️ 5 days of cycling around Cesenatico, on the roads that Pantani loved

➡️ 1 day of Festival, in honor of the greatest climber in the history of cycling

➡️ 1 Great Challenge: the Marco Pantani Granfondo


We thought that the best way to celebrate the myth of the Pirate is not to be nostalgic. Probably even Marco would not like something too wistful.


To remember Marco worthily you just don't need a heart, but legs like steel are needed.


Yes, because during the Pantani Week there will be a lot of cycling:

  • We will ride the same roads and climbs on which Marco used to train. We will do the legendary Cippo together: 4.9 km with an average gradient of 13.5% and a maximum gradient of 28.5%
  • We will bring you to the fantastic Pantani Museum and to eat piadina from Tonina, Marco's mother.
  • Saturday, September 18th, the whole city will be dyed yellow to celebrate Pantani through a fantastic pre-Granfondo festival
  • Saturday September 19th will be the day of the Marco Pantani Granfondo (3 routes to choose from: 73 km, 107 km and 145km)

In short, there will be a lot of emotions for those who have Marco in their hearts.


We are also happy partners of the event and can register for the race.
Come and celebrate the greatest climber in the history of cycling!


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  • Max length: 145 km
  • Elevation: 2150 m
  • Max height: 766 m
  • Max Gradient: 15%
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