During our peak season (March, April, May, June and September), every day you can choose from 6 groups, which correspond to 6 different difficulty levels. Groups are differentiated by step, distance, height difference and difficulty. In the rest of the cycling season (from March to October), instead, you will have at your disposal every day from 3 to 6 different groups to choose from.

How to match your performance to the right riding level?

Everything you need to know

Selecting a ride suited to your abilities will make a happier and better cycling holiday. To better address your abilities and performance with our levels, we will provide you a self-assessment questionnaire.

But don’t worry, you can feel free to change your ride level from day to day. Our guides will also help you to determine if a particular ride is appropriate and safe for your level of performance. We make sure your tour isn’t too long or too short, too easy or too hard. I twill be just right for you!


How many guides per group?

Every ride has at least one professional guide to lead and look after the needs of the group. You will always be in good hands. We do our best to make your rides both fun and challenging…but not overwhelming.



How many riders per group?


Groups are made up of a maximum of 10 cyclists per guide. If a group is bigger, you will have two guides to lead the group. It is not unsusual to have very small group (even just 3 2riders) for a specific riding level.



What are the requirements to ride in a group?

Cycling clothing, helmets and cycling shoes are required for any group. In any case, you can buy everything you need from our small shop.

E-bike group

New in 2022

Group designed exclusively for those who ride an E-bike.
The speed on the flat will never exceed 25 km per hour, so you can comfortably pedal but also look around, while uphill you will decide how much speed you want to give.

Camomilla Group

For fun and leisure cyclists with no training.

Perfect for cycling newbie or anyone who just want to take it easy. The pace is slow (18/20 km/h) in beautiful quiet roads, along flat and rolling terrain, between vineyards, olive groves and farmlands. There is always time to take pictures, savor an ice cream and explore the surroundings. This group is also perfect for those riding with an e-bike.


Latte Macchiato Group

For leisure cyclists with a bit of training.

This group is ideal for those leisure cyclists with a bit of training. The average speed is quite slow (20 / 22 km / h). If you like cycling and to indulge in the Italian local specialties, take in the local culture and enjoy the perfumes and landscapes, the Latte Macchiato group is right for you. This group is also perfect for those cycling with an E-Bike.


Acqua Gasata Group

For medium cyclists.

The Acqua Gasata group requires an average level of training and ride at an average speed of 21 / 23 km / h. It is recommended for cyclists who both love to enjoy nature and landscapes but also wanto want to increase their performance.


Sangiovese Group

For strong cyclists.

Sangiovese is the typical wine of Romagna, with a strong and decisive flavor, just like this group. The average speed is 24 / 27 km / h and requires good training in the legs. We recommend it to cyclists accustomed to the pedal and to all those who do not let themselves be scared by the climbs.


Spritz Group

For very strong cyclists.

Dedicated to the legendary long alcoholic Venetian drink, the Spritz Group is designed for the stronger and more trained cyclists, who love long distances and challenging routes. The group maintains an average speed of 27 / 30km / h, and tackles difficult routes with itineraries sometimes even over 140km.


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