Rent the perfect bike

5 years ago we made an important decision: to partner with Pinarello.
We deeply love their philosophy: beauty, technology and Italian passion blend perfectly in their bikes.

Pinarello Bikes

Beauty, technology and Italian passion

Each Pinarello bike, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, continues to raise the bar of perfection and performance from an engineering standpoint. In the ongoing quest to make racing bikes lighter and more reliable, Pinarello has never forgotten to maintain the driving quality that other high-end brands have long forgotten.
This is what makes their bikes so special; a tangible dedication to handling, driving feeling and liveliness by blurring many other famous brands.
In this way Pinarello does something profoundly Italian, respecting the history of our sport with racing bicycles that are always new and technologically advanced, but which nevertheless maintain high aesthetic care and driving pleasure.


The available models are the following:

  • Pinarello Dogma F
  • Pinarello Dogma F12 
  • Pinarello Dogma F10
  • Pinarello Prince
  • Pinarello Nytro
  • Pinarello Andromeda
  • Pinarello Grevil
  • X3

Renting your bike

And you can also buy it, if you like!

Bike fit is important for an enjoyable ride, this is why we need your size in order to recommend the right bike for you. Our expert guides will make sure your bike is properly set to your body dimensions before the start of your tour.

If you prefer and you are provided with your pedals, shoes and saddle, our mechanic will assist you for all the adjustments. Alternatively, with a small daily cost, we can rent you shoes, pedals and saddle.

We offer a variety of bicycle options to suit different riding styles.

All bikes are equipped with cyclometer, 1 bottle cage, tires. All bikes are maintained in top conditions, to ensure you the best riding experience.

And remember: at the end of your stay, if you have fallen in love with the bike you have rented, you can buy it! Buying the bike you rented is always a good idea: the prices we apply are very convenient and the rent is completely free for you!


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