We know you how much you love your bike.

And you are in good company: cyclists around the world do the same. It’s a common behaviour to see cyclists looking for a safe bike room immediately after they checked-in in our hotel.

A safe place to store your bike

With video surveillance and specific equipment

This is probably due to the fact that bikes are expensive. But most of all beacause you have built a strong relationship with your bike. After all, it is your loyal companion of rides, your means of freedom, your way to getting away from everything.

This is why we have invested in our bike room.

Our bike room is not just a “deposit”. It is also the point of departure and arrival of cyclists, every day, during their stay in our hotel.

It’s wide enough to host 130 bikes, super-safe and video-monitored.


In our bike room you can find everything you need:

In our bike room you can find everything you need:

  • Racks with padlocks to ensure safety
  • A stocked tool bench
  • A tripod for small maintenance operations
  • All the accessories for cleaning the bike
  • Chairs
  • Mechanic always present and available for assistance

Also you can have access to many tools for the maintenance of your bike:

  • Allen keys
  • Torx keys.
  • Star screwdrivers useful for adjusting the gearbox
  • English keys
  • Pumps and compressor equipped with barometer.
  • All products used to clean, degrease, lubricate or grease the various parts and components of the bicycle 
  • Specific tools: chain spreader, pliers, cassette key and whisk, trimming shears, drilling template, torque wrench
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