Here it is our weekly program

Cycling holidays usually last one week and start on Sunday to end on Friday.
However, it is not uncommon for you to ride on Saturdays, so 7 days a week.

We love to bring our guests to live spectacular and very authentic experiences

A special week at the Lungomare Bike Hotel

  • SATURDAY: At 18.30 there is a welcome drink and briefing with our guides, who will explain to all cyclists the whole program of the week.
  • SUNDAY: all ready on the pedals, the adventure starts! Cyclists are divided into their groups and the fun is about to begin!
  • MONDAY: A new bike ride, among beautiful vineyards, medieval castles and cobblestone streets.
  • TUESDAY: ROMAGNA BETWEEN ART AND TASTE! The tour includes a visit to a farmhouse in the hills, with free tasting of typical products such as cheeses, piadina and desserts. Non-cycling Guests can reach groups of cyclists accompanied by our shuttle.
  • WEDNESDAY: We start a new bike tour based on the weekly program. And remember, NEVER do the same bike ride twice!
  • THURSDAY: Thursday is a special day: we will bring our cyclist Guests to Monteleone, Longiano or Sorrivoli, a small medieval village with ancient castles where we will have a snack in the square. Non-cycling Guests can reach groups of cyclists accompanied by our shuttle.
  • FRIDAY: A Friday for Lions! This is a special excursion, suitable for cyclists with good leg training. It includes an early departure with a minivan equipped with a bicycle rack to reach some of the most beautiful places in Romagna and Marche, and then continue by bicycle.


Please keep in mind that this is just our general weekly plan, to give you just an idea. Every evening we publish in our notice-board the actual tours plan for the following day, taking into consideration the weather, special events in our area and guests’ needs.


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