Welcome to your next 100 bike rides

That's the huge amount of bike tours we designed for you. You will never find another place on Earth to ride this number of bike tours. Plain, hills and hard climbs. For hard training, soft training and for leisure. Between medieval castles, sunny vineyards and lush landscapes. So our Guests can explore something new each day: a different town, visit another castle, get a new climb.

It took almost 10 years of work. But we can say that it is really worth it. After hundreds of rides, with our wheels we designed 100 bike tours. This huge number of bike tours means we can offer almost endless possibilities for our guests.


Because with us you will never ride a bike tour twice, it’s a promise.


We have a wide range of tours: flat, hills and hard climbs, from 20 to 210 km in length, in order to march any of your riding levels.


All tours are designed with backroads and lesser known roads, in order to avoid traffic, any danger and to touch the most beautiful points. Sometimes these roads are so small that are not even present in GPS.


Our tours are meticulously perfected over time, designed by our local guides and designed to truly connect with the beauty of out region. During the rides, we always stop at several local coffee shops for an espresso, pastry or gelato.


Some of these roads are where Marco Pantani, the greatest climber of all time and our fellow countryman, was used to train.


Here are just some examples of our tours, with a short description. Yes, because we want to protect the huge amount of work we made to design 100 bike tours and most of our tours are not published anywhere, online or offline.