Pedalling all the way to Venice among nature and seaside villages, with zero elevation!

Venice has been the dream destination of travellers for centuries. Today it’s fantastic to get there off-road, too. Pedalling an easy countryside route which crosses the entire Po Delta National Park, one of the wildest and most extensive National Parks in northern Italy. The Rotta del Sale (Salt Route) is in fact the historic nautical route which has linked Cervia (right next door to Cesenatico) with Venice since 1447 – two maritime cities united by the salt trade. The journey that Cervia’s boats tackled to deliver the precious “white gold” often turned into an adventure, thanks to the hidden dangers of the pirates and storms of the Adriatic.

Today this journey has been re-imagined as a route for all kinds of off-road bike (MTB, Gravel, e-Bike), so you can relive this fascinating experience by land: a spectacular immersion in the Po Delta, where we can make contact with a mellow but generous natural world, and with the authentic maritime traditions – cultural and gastronomic – of the northern Adriatic coast.


  • Day 1: Cesenatico - Comacchio - km 98
    We begin our journey by crossing the centuries-old pine forests of Ravenna and the wetland reserves just short of the coast, populated by flamingos and rich bird life. A ride which finishes with the traditional produce of Comacchio, where you can experience in person the ancient practice of fishing for eels – the queens of this little village.
  • Day 2: Comacchio - Chioggia - km 115
    In the heart of the Po Delta, crossing canals, streams and strips of land linked by the traditional floating bridges of boats lined up side-by-side which you cross on your bike. A timeless experience in memorable landscapes, in close contact with ancient fishing : that of civilizations: those of the Goro clam and the Chioggia crab. Lots of pedalling and lots of flavour!
  • Day 3: Chioggia - Venezia - km 38
    A brief bike-boat stage, alternating between pedalling sections on the islands of Pellestrina and Lido di Venezia, and vaporetto and ferry boat trips. The sight of the skyline of Venice, the Serenissima,  with the unmistakeable St. Mark’s tower (campanile di San Marco) is your reward for completing this small but great adventure. A short, intense stage to get us back to Cesenatico in a day.


The itinerary is adjustable and can also be done in 4 days, splitting the middle stage in two.
However you want to ride it, the Salt Route is the ideal playground with the perfect route to “get your bike legs”, thanks to the many hours of continual cycling at a manageable intensity.



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